2017 Women's Conference Tshirt, DVD & Mp3 Audio
2017 Women's Conference Tshirt, DVD & Mp3 Audio

2017 Women's Conference Tshirt, DVD & Mp3 Audio

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Conference Details

Join us as we discover our strengths & boldly go with no woman has gone before!

"Strength" is this year's theme for our Women's conference and it serves to inspire women to take the leap of faith that often is needed during trials and tribulations in life.

July 22-23rd, 2017

July 22nd 5pm-9pm & 10pm-6am  and July 23rd 8am-6pm

The airport for Toronto is: YYZ 
The closest Hotel is the Holiday Inn Yorkdale/Dufferin.


Our address is:

Congregation Melech Yisrael
272 Ranee Ave.
Toronto, ON M6A1N6


The Dream Team of a Lineup!

Our lineup this year is amazing! These Rebbetzins are all in a class by themselves and are veterans at leading women into a more spirit filled life that is full of purpose, strength, and courage!

Rebbetzin Sue Samuel, Mishkahn David Messianic Congregation in Rhode Island

Sue Samuel has been ministering unto the Lord in music since 1998, when she and her husband Brian began to serve on the worship team at a Messianic Jewish congregation in New Jersey.  Since then, Sue has been blessed to record three CDs, and share her original praise and worship music across the US and internationally.   Brian and Sue are currently Rabbi and Rebbetzin of Mishkahn David Messianic Congregation in Rhode Island, and Sue continues to pursue her passion of leading worship and sharing the music that Adonai has given to her.

Rebbetzin Diana Levine, Kol Mashiach Messianic Synagogue, Melbourne, Florida, USA

Diana Levine is a wife, mother and co-leads as the Rebbetzin of Kol Mashiach Messianic Synagogue in Melbourne, Florida along with her husband Rabbi Allan. She is also the co-founder of the Daughters of Righteousness Conference and has conducted bible studies, and spoken at women’s functions all over. Diana writes a monthly blog in the Messianic Times and loves to dig deep into the scriptures. Although born and raised in a Puerto Rican Catholic family, God gave her an unexplainable love for the Jewish people at a young age. Her passion is to motivate women to trust and draw near to God!

Rebbetzin Shari Zamstein, Kerem El Messianic Synagogue, Fort Pierce & Port St. Lucie Florida, USA

Shari Zamstein is Rebbetzin of Kerem El Messianic Synagogue in Port St Lucie/Ft Pierce Florida, which she and her husband Yaacov have led since 2001. She is the coordinator of the MJAA SE Regional Conference, held every year in Orlando, FL. Her main goal is to encourage people to grow and walk in their faith of Messiah, and strengthen their knowledge of Messianic Judaism for themselves and their families. With over 30 years of ministry experience, her main focuses have been in the area of children’s education and to encourage women to discover and develop who they are in Messiah. “The most miraculous moments are when you can look into somebody’s eyes and you see the transformation from being dead to being alive. It is awesome!”

Rebbetzin Keturah Malinconico, Congregation Melech Yisrael, Toronto, ON 

Rebbetzin Keturah is the wife of Rabbi Yehezqel of CMY in Toronto, Canada. Their style of teaching is based on their love of seeing all believers be one with the Jewish Community. Keturah blogs with the Messianic Times newspaper and crafts in her spare time. In the daytime, she is a photographer & graphics design artist and when she has more time- a conscienceness hip hop artist from the underground group Secta7. Keturah teaches through motivation and inspiration and her desire is for all women to realize their own self-worth and to be fabulous and unique within HaShem’s design.


Conference Activities 

Free Babysitting!
Dinner, Breakfast & Brunch
Art Session
Worship Concert
Prayer Sleepover
Midnight Jazz & Poetry (35 yrs under) Party
Great Teachings all weekend long!!!




2017 Women's Conference Tshirt, DVD & Mp3 Audio